XRPLWIN Analyzer

Unlock power of XRPL in PHP
Analyzer is API layer which collects and organizes Ledger data in easy to read manner.

Open Source

Analyzer is 100% Open source, it will be available on Github.
Self hosted or cloud service provided by XRPLWin.

For developers

Analyzer is software written in PHP which provides API endpoints for you to use.


By using API endpoint caching via Varnish or other proxy, speed is ensured.

PHP packages

As PHP dev you can use any of components separately for your own project.


Database keeps analyzed and relevant data only. Raw data can be always pulled from ledger.

How it works in few words

  • Ad-hoc account info request
  • Analyzer pull relevant data from XRPL or cached local database
  • After data is collected, information is analyzed and stored in local database in organised searchable manner
  • Custom scripts/hooks executed
  • Rinse & repeat

Publicly readable API endpoints

Access endpoints via your own hosted Analyzer installation or public service hosted by us.
  • Power your own UI via API endpoints
  • Build mobile application and easily pull relevant XRP account info
  • Aggregated historic account data available
  • Use custom rules/filters to get specific account transactions

Building exciting project?
Data is at your fingertips.

Historic data, tags, custom scripts and more...

For developers

Analyzer is a tool that provides more readable XRPL data.

Imagine & build

Build dasboards, create charts, data is there waiting.

Custom apps

Developing desktop or mobile apps? Connect your app via JSON API and get relevant XRPL information.

Data sharing

How to keep resource consumption low?

We were thinking long and hard how not to over-query XRPL full history nodes, and came up a solution. Data sharing!

Each instance of analyzer can be registered to central cluster. If user requests account info "xABC..." from your instance, normally if you don't have full history of that account on-hand, XRPL Full history node will be queried. On the other hand if you are part of Analyzer cluster, other instance could provide you with data dump of account "xABC...".
That data dump is already analyzed Ledger data connected to "xABC..." account and it can be imported directly to your instance way faster.


PHP Components

Composer downloadable

Analyer consists of lots of small PHP packages, think Symphony or Laravel, they are frameworks which are built with smaller packages.

XRPLWin will provide specific packages which can be used independently, such as XRPLInterface, Liquidity parser, XRPLUtilities etc...

Power up your workflow with Analyzer and imagine use cases.

Develop PHP app and use XRPLUtilities seamlessly.

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